Glowbelt is the world's first self-retracting LED safety belt for fans of the great outdoors, fitness enthusiasts, children and more.


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What is Glowbelt?

A simple piece of wearable technology that can be wrapped around your body, a backpack or a bike. Glowbelt provides a solid or flashing light to make pedestrians and other vulnerable road users highly visible to others.

Glowbelt is Compact

The one size fits all device can be worn by kids and adults alike and is set to be an essential addition for cyclists, runners, motorcyclists, walker, hikers, campers and roadside emergencies.

Glowbelt Is For Everyone

Glowbelt is a cost-effective, accessible way to boost road safety. Safety should not be a commodity; it should be achievable for all road users no matter what their budget.

Glowbelt is Light Weight

Weighing just 54 grams – less than a pair of AA batteries – the energy-efficient LED belt offers a high lumen output and will carry on working for around 60 hours; more than enough to see anyone through their winter commute.

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Safe in 7 seconds


Compact, Pocket Sized

Small, lightweight and unobtrusive, GlowBelt keeps itself to itself until you need to be noticed. This durable little pebble is always ready to go. Keep it in your pocket to be ready for the night or in your glove box for the dreaded tyre change on a dark road.

One Size Fits All

Belt, sash, tag and armband are just some options for GlowBelt. Wrap it around your bike frame, tag it to your bag or attach it to your dog’s collar. 127cm (50 inches) of LEDs gives you a lot to work with.

Visible From Up To 200m

Never again have to rely on other road users to illuminate you, Glowbelt uses super bright SMD LEDs that let you be seen long before the headlights of a car illuminate the area. so you are always seen no matter what the lighting conditions.

Spring Loaded

The mechanism that makes Glowbelt retract has also been optimised to extend and grip your body, giving you the freedom you need to walk, run or cycle through the night without being restricted.

Up To 60 Hours Use

With up to 60 hours battery life you don’t have to plan your trips around battery charges. As a warning, when Glowbelt is ready for more power you will notice a slight dip in the light output of the LEDs, but Glowbelt will carry on working until you have chance to replace the batteries.


Glowbelts colourful range gives you the choice of vibrant blue, menacing green or vivid pink to make you stand out amongst the sea of orange street lamps and white headlights.


Is this product safe for children?

Glowbelt is safe for children but it is not a toy. As with many products, misuse can cause injury however there are no small components that can be swallowed so if your child does have a play around with Glowbelt, you can be safe in the knowledge that it is very safe to handle.

Is Glowbelt strong enough to be used every day?

Glowbelt’s outer shell is extremely durable. We designed everything about Glowbelt with durability in mind so it will withstand a drop from a bike or an impact from a fall and everything in-between.

Why does Glowbelt use LEDs?

We chose to use high powered micro SMD LEDs. When designing the fibre we went through countless experiments testing luminosity and viewing angles of technologies from electro luminescent materials to fibre optic light guides. These tiny LEDs were unmatched in terms of brightness and outperformed in every other category, such as battery life, viewing angle, size and flexibility.

What do I do if I’m wearing a backpack on my bike? 

We developed Glowbelt to be as flexible and convenient as possible. This means all you would do in that situation is take Glowbelt off and wrap it around you backpack instead. This will give rear and side illumination whilst you are riding.

Do I still need to use front and rear lights on my bike?

Definitely yes. Glowbelt is meant to complement existing technologies and works in conjunction with your front and rear lights to make you highly visible to all around you.

Do I still need to wear my day glow reflective jacket?

Glowbelt and day glow reflective jackets go perfect together. Day glow takes care of you during the day, then in low light conditions Glowbelt can be seen from up to 200 meters away so oncoming drivers can prepare to slow down long before it’s too late.

What do I do with Glowbelt when I’m not using it? 

Glowbelt is extremely compact and easily slips into your pocket or bag. You can tag it to almost anything or pop it into your glove box. We’ve designed Glowbelt to be as convenient and effective as possible.

Can I replace the batteries? 

Glowbelt is powered by two CR2032 batteries, the same kind found in watches. It’s very simple to swap batteries over. First remove the holding screw on the battery cap then twist to remove it from the unit. The batteries can then be easily accessed and replaced.

How long do the batteries last?

The design of the LED thread has been optimised so that it can be used effectively for up to 60 hours. We selected CR2032 batteries as our power source as they are extremely compact and efficient yet readily available to buy from supermarkets.















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